About Us


Welcome! We (Megan and Andrea) created this site for people who love the state of Wisconsin as much as we do.

Megan grew up in Wisconsin and somehow managed to meet and marry a Wisconsin native after moving across the country. Thank goodness for an alumni event and the promise of beer-soaked brats or the Badger Bride idea would have never come to exist.

While Andrea was from south of the Wisconsin border, she spent every summer in Baileys Harbor area (along with the rest of the Illinoisians) and fell in love with the people, the laid-back attitude, and the curds. 

Fortune had it that we would be assigned the same dorm and met the very first day of college. You betcha we thank our lucky stars for this start to our lifelong friendship. The Midwest and particularly Wisconsin will always hold special meaning and memories for us no matter where we go, and that's why we just keep coming back. Well, the memories and the Spotted Cow of course.

When Megan got engaged, her and her fiancé wanted to incorporate the place that means so much to them in their wedding. We started looking for Badger Bride apparel but were shocked to find it didn't exist. We worked to create something truly unique for Megan’s wedding and loved the results. So now we want the opportunity to bring your story to life in the same way!

P.S. Not as obsessed with the state of Wisconsin as we are? That's okay! Let us know where you're passionate about and we can work to bring you a touch of home wherever that might be.